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The face is a delicate flower that can sometimes be set off by even the smallest thing. Sometimes we can pinpoint it, think clinging your phone to your cheek while talking to the BFF while shopping or "forgetting" to change your pillow case, because let's be honest, adulting is hard sometimes. These Seven Deadly Sins though are ones you should absolutely pay attention to, especially if you have blemish prone skin.

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Bentonite clay, is considered by many as a healing clay and has been widely used for centuries. When applied to the skin, it is thought to absorb toxins and poisons that get trapped in the skin. Our Bentonite Clay originates from the mountainous Wyoming region, and is mined directly from the earth. It’s filled with minerals and is considered by many to have a shelf life of 4-5 years.

Bentonite clay has become more and more popular recently in skincare applications. So what exactly is it? Well, bentonite clay is a powder that is ground from the Montmorillonite crystal. The Montmorillonite crystal is extremely concentrated with negatively charged ions. These negatively charged ions are then transferred to the bentonite clay when it is ground, and helps to make it an effective aid for your skin, hair, and body. 

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