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The face is a delicate flower that can sometimes be set off by even the smallest thing. Sometimes we can pinpoint it, think clinging your phone to your cheek while talking to the BFF while shopping or "forgetting" to change your pillow case, because let's be honest, adulting is hard sometimes. These Seven Deadly Sins though are ones you should absolutely pay attention to, especially if you have blemish prone skin.

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Surprisingly, there are many fruits and vegetables in season that are highly accessible, can help fight off that dry Winter skin, and revitalize you to make your skin glow again like it’s August! Now there are many highly appealing fruits and vegetables that are in season during the winter.

However, let’s focus on the 4 best fruits and veggies for the skin, that you can start taking advantage of immediately!

The 4 we will be focusing on are: sweet potatoes, pomegranates, prickly pear, and the ever-important superfood kale.

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