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A comfy, cozy, custom Veise Life tee, designed with you in mind. Show off your glow! Available in all sizes with premium fabric printed on AOP material. Pre-Shrunk and Tagless for comfort, ease of wear, and maximum cozy glow vibes.

Veise logo printed on the back, makes it easy to show your glow vibes to the world and spread hope. Ships on demand to reduce waste and provide maximum ecological sustainability. Made for you. Great for all. Safe for sensitive skin, babies, mothers, and everyone.

Premier is made with 4 oz fabric designed to be lightweight and flowy for the summer months.

Exclusive is made with 6 oz fabric to be a little heavier and provide the huggable comfort you deserve. Great for cooler months and that huggable feel of fabric on the skin. Wear when feeling lonely to bring an extra smile to your day!

Have questions? Feel free to drop a text to 470-454-3708 and we’ll happily help you find the perfect tee for you and your precious body.