Organic Seaweed Bath Soaks

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Enjoy the rejuvenating and detoxifying effects of Seaweed Bath Soaks that help to rehydrate the body, boost skin elasticity, and help improve the appearance of skin tone and color. 

Each bag contains 4 Organic Seaweed Bath Soak treatments.

Ingredients: Organic laminaria granules, organic kelp granules, organic bladderwrack, and organic dulse leaf granules.

Directions: Prepare the bath by running very hot water and adding an Organic Seaweed Bath Bag. When the water is cool enough, completely immerse your body and gently squeeze the bath soak bag to release the nutrients. Now, just relax. 

Warning: For external use only. Note: Use with care. If you have heart or other health problems, please consult your healthcare professional before use.