I made it all the way to detroit

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I made it all the way to detroit

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Before I even remember what happens
When I let out the savage
The dark side the despair
The actress who cares
The model who sang
The novel
Who rang?
I’m asking
I’m playing
I’m shying
I’m waiting
I’m patiently hating
Every way I love lately and how
Every single loud mouth comment
Made me seriously the most atrocious
Cuz now I’m on your mind
Stuck on you
Can’t you know you do
When you sit on top
Please don’t ever ask me
Please don’t stop
You already know
You and me on top
Don’t ever tell me no
Cuz I wanna know
Is it you
Is it me
Is it us
That I sing to sleep
Will you be my top
Be my everything
My A.D.D.
My music
My writing
Will you keep on dying
Just to live
Keep writing?
Will you sleep alone
Sleep with me
Next to your poem
And not another home
Will you? Do you know?

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