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My everything

its true

the blue

for me and you

the only blue I’ll ever need

youre the breath I breathe

the air I sing

the many milestones today

the I wanna die this way

ill never be away

ill say I’m not ok

ill never look away

ill never meen metter

ill always be there though

ill never let anyone know

our secrets our home

our life our poem

our story our no one

our seriously that’s my best friend

our no one can get in

our no one else will believe it

our no one else we’re everything

our hey that’s the other part of me

our that’s my sentence

our can’t be alone

our never want to say no

our love you til the end of time

our this galaxy is mine

our heart our time

our wish our why

our everything 

every single time

our I’m yours you’re mine

our just get a room

every single time

my I’ll always whisk you away

ill always say it outloud

my I’ll always wonder how

my I wonder how I got this lucky

my poem every night

my season changes but we’ll be alright

my let’s tuck the kids into bed at night

my let’s go out and write

my let’s look for some stars tonight 

my let’s sing me to sleep all the time

my can’t even write another line