Tropic Thunder

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Tropic Thunder

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I went to Los Angeles to hear all the angels

I went to Oklahoma to hear the way things are

I went to Florida to be a better daughter

I went to Atlanta to make up for my past

And I went to Michigan, to help do the dishes

When I came back to Charlotte, the place this all started, I saw the Queen City and I knew that she needed me. I looked at myself - and for days, cried away. As to why I’m so ready for the path I am heading. Cuz I don’t remember that day in September when you looked at your lady and told her she was fading, she let all her bro’s down. Took a deep dive in and then she drown. When she put up her hand, she couldn’t get off her man. He tried to adore her and he tried to warn her, about all the past things that she couldn’t see.

So she called her ex and he sent her a text and said thank you for the letters, I’ll never forget her. But now that she’s grown. She’s alive not alone. She never went back to that same place she was attacked. Cuz her morals are saving us and her normal was just jaded huh, she had no respect for the beauty, didn’t think she had any veise beauty.

She let her hair down when she didn’t drown and when she tied the cord she let out “no more!”

Cuz her scattered and screams her heart beats for a queen cuz she looked in the mirror and saw Tropic Thunder. 

Ben Stiller reminds me that we can be blinding. By what he reminds me of forgiving the family. The kind of weeping you want to see the very forgiveness of me. 

Your heart on the floor when you’re not being adored. And the pain from the day, the Queen City took her away. So she picked up her new shoes - went off with a new crew. Queen City’s been great. Helped her escape.  But city has tragedy, please don’t ever be that family, that quits on their daughter, it was SO MUCH harder. 

Than anyone knew. So here’s your new clue. I’ll pick a new safe place. A new normal would be great ❤️

And I don’t think it’s fake to keep writing away. Because all have our normal. I’m ok. I’m adorable 🥰

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