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You Are Loved Season 3 Opener

Welcome to the Season 3 Opener of You Are Loved! Although Season 2 and 1 are no longer available, I decided to leave the blog posts up for Nostalgia and to revisit them one day on our series. Thank you for joining and resubscribing. Means a lot to share this personal experience with you again and I greatly appreciate your patience as we bring all the features back to Veise Beauty and other features not previously seen. Love you so so much. And you are loved. XO, Scarlett Red, Scarxred, and Angelica Caporuscio <3



 Listen to Scarxred while you browse Veise Beauty. Simply keep this tab open on your computer or browser, and allow the sounds to comfort and soothe your soul. Love you, mean everything to me. LALALand will never be the same when we return. Haha the stories shall continue and go on this time. Can't stop, won't stop, and with your support, anything is truly possible. Love, A

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