You.Are.Loved.Day 4. A 3 Part Episode

You.Are.Loved.Day 4. A 3 Part Episode

A docuseries right? A way to get know me. Well, the get to know me is something I've been working towards as I progress on this journey - a journey towards awareness within the mental health community. A way for others to understand what others are going through whether you are going through a mental health struggle, have someone in your life who is, or have gone through something similar situations in the past, my hope is that I can bring awareness to the whole situation we are currently surrounded by within the talks of awareness. Awareness around being a human and surviving in this world. The energetic beings that encompass and embody our entire being. A world where we are ALLOWED to be ourselves, without the fear or judgement or ridicule of others and a whole embodiment. This idea came to me a few days ago while working on an episode for my IGTV on @xoxoangelicanicole about how to build your peach. I haven't posted the episode yet because in the beginning I talk about how sexcercise is a great form of working out. After looking through my social media I saw that it would be very difficult for people to digest this information as I typically stay away from talking about sex or anything vulgar. 

When I kept questioning whether I should post this or not, it gave me the idea for the docuseries as I went through SO much turmoil. Just trying to figure out whether or not I should post this damn IGTV and what my followers would think. What veise would think. Me, showing off my body and showing people how to excercise. To get a peach. Me thinking that although I would be showing people how I personally get fit, I would potentially have issues. With my community that I built around self acceptance, flaws and all. 

So this made me make a docuseries. To chronicle all the in's and out's of who I am with no holds, no restraints, no hold backs. Everything. Because if we can't be ourselves in this world and feel accepted, then what is life or a community of people who support you in what you do. The work I am doing on the series is something that may be triggering. It may make you question. It may make you think I'm totally different.





You feel something for another human. Another human you may or may not know on a personal level and a woman who spent an entire summer understanding the in's and out's of the molecular world and how to tie everything into one large concept around how to fix the mental health struggle. We are currently facing an epidemic within the medical community when it comes to suicide, mental health, depression, PTSD, and anxiety. Rather than sit back and continue to watch those I love continue to suffer, with medication and other forms of modern day medicine to continue make them worse I chose to dig into why we felt this way, why we are being controlled by an illness most people do not understand, and how all of this plays into our physical and mental health at a level much larger than what the medical community is currently looking into - as obviously, we have an epidemic with doctors who are not properly diagnosing patients.

Doctors have high suicide rates and some of the highest rates of depression among almost all industries, which in and of itself is a major issue in our modern day medical facility. Doctors who are unable to obtain the proper tools for their patients or themselves has created a snowball effect of continuous suffering with our generation and is being pass down. I know this sounds intense, but it's something I highly believe in and something that is very near and dear to me to be able to take the research, technology, and methodology to be able to fix this issue within our medical system. I mean it when I say, I will fix this. And this docuseries is a stepping stone into letting those who struggle to know they are not alone, nor are the people in their lives who suffer. None of us are alone, as we all have a platform to share our voices in a way that allows us to be ourselves. Thank you so much joining! I love you! Have a great night! To watch episode 4, please watch below and find the music playlist at the video below that. Thank you! Angelica (CEO, Veise Beauty)


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