YOU.Are.Loved. Docuseries Day Uno

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YOU.Are.Loved. Docuseries Day Uno

Hi, I’m Angelica and I just started a docuseries. It’s called You are Loved. Angelica. I’m calling it You are Loved because I want everyone in the entire world to know they are loved by someone regardless of who they are and what they’ve gone through. It’s a series chronicling the surprise emotions that come out. The in’s and out’s of being a human and the rise and fall of love. is where I’ll be posting them every evening to watch. Let me know in comments what you’d like me to talk about - I’m game for anything! And have a plethora of crazy twists and turns that end up happening when I film an episode so you never know what you’re going to get! Grab some popcorn and watch a series 🍾 it’s good for your mental health. Promise 💓

Episode 1. YOU.Are.Loved.

Docuseries: Part 1. Angelica. 


why I did this:
I made a pact with myself that I’m going to post one episode everyday for the next 12 days. Unedited, raw and with me not watching them until the end of the 12 days! I want to be your friend across the screen and build a community of people who believe in the same open talk about mental wellness as I do.

What happens next?

After the 12 days I will look through all the comments, likes, and subscribes and pick a winner for a $1000 gift certificate to - all entries welcome worldwide! As for what we’ll be posting, well - we’ll be posting here everyday doing a recap about the day, posting links to the other clues, and making your day awesome!

how to enter the giveaway:
Comment below on your fav part of the video for 3 points, comment on ig @veisebeauty for 2 points, comment on @xoxoangelicanicole post for 5 points, must be following both pages and subscribed to YouTube to qualify! Snag an extra 10 points for each comment you leave on YouTube! - interacting with others comments gets you EXTRA points 🙌🏻

But we’re not telling how many 😉 Tagging friends always counts as extra 🎉 All entries will be tallied up by January 30th after the final live episode on January 28th.

All winners will be announced on January 30th on both @xoxoangelicanicole IG and @veisebeauty IG 🙌🏻 Happy winning! 💰 💰


  • Adrianna borak

    Honestly my favorite part was when “Gangsters Paradise” started playing and you sang along! Relatable lol

  • Sarah

    Ahhh so excited 🙌🏻 This is amazing! Thank you Angelica 🙌🏻

  • Alison

    Excited for your series and what an AMAZING prize!

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