You think you cared

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You think you cared

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You think you cared

you think you’re where

you are because they’re there

the life force

not scared

yes I cared

i wrote everywhere

i shared my whole notebook

i know that you look

i know that you watch

i know you’re not shot

i know about your arrow

cupids bows follows me though

i know about demons 

and fucking with black men

i know about hondas

and shipping anacondas

i know about white horse

i know about no porsche

i know about lambos 

I know you can handle

all of my grief

my sorrow she sees

she likes all the fame

she likes that people know my name

she likes getting by with a hand on her thigh

and she likes buying cigarettes 

she likes no regrets

she likes moving forward

she likes paying for her

she likes the shy guy

because he’s my why

i write for that guy

i know he’s all mine

i know he sees me

i know I’m easy

its scary to cook

not so sorry

not shook

she speaks her mind

never guess never lying 🤥 

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