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We’re a portal for those around us. It’s scary to share and it’s never where we thought we could scare ourselves. To be this vulnerable.

If and when I find another man. I hope he knows that I would do anything for him. I would whisk away in the kitchen all day, I would find a plane to change my last name, I would ride in cars and go to bars, I would willfully play and golf every day. I would ride four wheelers and luxury planes go along to get manis.

I would hop on a train to look at you all day.

I play guitar and I play from the heart. I play drums and I don’t ever run. I believe in love at first milestones and I believe in a light. That I will never fly alone. I believe in the system and I believe in goodwill. I believe in sleeping next to each other, I always will. I’ll never fight just to say I’m right.

I can not not say I love you when I truly do.

I will always be that girl, who appreciates every. single thing you do. Because I believe in us. I believe in true love and I believe in building with someone. I believe in first dates and going out of our way, to do something nice, every. single day. I believe in the right to party at night, and watch movies on a plane. Always snuggling, again, I always want him there I always want to scratch your head, I want you to feel loved, because I know you are enough. You’ll always be by me, writing poems, it’s my language - you see.

I would never let you down, because chocolate.

I believe in flowers and endless baby showers.

Lunch dates and coffee, breakfast almost every morning, except at the offering. When we go to church or the mosque or whatever religion you are.

I know, weddings are so frugal but I want ours to be - whatever we want it to be. Lavish or savage or maybe a white carriage. Maybe a horse or maybe ... of course. We don’t have a plan and I think if and when... god hands me my man. We’ll be better ... because then... the heart on my sleeve, final weddings....film it please. I will always watch our kids and promote wellbeing .... Me and our kids. I did. ❤️

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