Lava Girl

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Lava Girl

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Since I’ve been on my own

I finally feel like I know

When everyone looks at me

They see molten lava

Scared of who I could be

They see my fire, my burning desire

They see the explosion, the girl underadmired

They see the way she can see through anybody

They hurt me because

They don’t have that fire 🔥 

Im always under lava

Always wandering 

I knew drugs

Could heal from her ways

Could help escape the pain

I took everything

Didn’t read anything

She escaped her cage

Got it out of her head

Never lead

A stoic creature

Metal is hard

Lava fire

Molten iron

How hard to go alone

Lava girl never knew

He barely exclaimed

This highway is melting away

Lava girl

Where did get your ways of doing things 

Lava girl

Go back inside

Lava girl

Go back and hide

Lava girl

Don’t melt the earth 

Lava girl

You’ll scorch the earth

Don’t go out at night

Your light is too bright

Lava girl

Don’t drown

Don’t die

Lava girl

Made to play

With fire

Lava girl

Go be a designer

Go be before you blow your cover


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