In case I die

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In case I die

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Please tell Skye... he was a good man

Please tell my Dad... he did the best he can

Please tell Dana... I didn’t mean to damage us

Please tell Ada... I knew what you meant

Please tell Robin... to keep on fighting

And please tell Jack... I would take it all back

Please tell Kealey... she is the only thing he will need

Please tell Allie... I don’t know. Wish I was grown 

Please tell Karlae, she can say one day

And please tell John... he was helpful, I know

Please tell Robin, she did the best she can

I don’t know Gods plan

This could all end

And if it does

Please tell Ruck... I knew his name all along

And please tell Pat... I never got mad. I just was in love

And please tell Parks... I could never throw another lie

And please tell Brad... everything will turn out fine ❣️

And please tell Bob... he’s my favorite, just because 

And please tell your dog Kevin, he’s got the best Dad

And to Kevin, you knew. Matt really did need you ❤️

And to the man in the back, I don’t know you 😂

But when I left things that way, I didn’t know what to say. And to Candy, I still mean what I sent. I’m so grateful for the way you show no resent ❤️

And to my future family

Please don’t shame me

For being who I am

Please, if I die today

Please tell my family, it would all be alright

Because I would look down on you

Stand by while you tie your shoes

I would sing a new single

While you’re somewhere illegal

Because I hope that you know

When I’m dead 

At my funeral

I’d break down a door

Scare you cuz I’m bored

And I’d hide little tid bits 

Of information on the internet

And I’d show you the way 

Switch off street lights in front of your face

And never be ashamed

When you call out my name

Because I’ll never leave you

You’ll never be alone, always believe in you

Say my name twice

And I’ll show you a sign

An angel has your back

I swear I’ll be fine

But if I ever die

I wanted you to know....

It’ll all be alright ❤️ Love your favorite A girl ❤️Angie

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