If I’m too sad to sing

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If I’m too sad to sing

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if I’m too sad to sing please....

just take my wings

if I’m too sad to sing

and it sounds like somebody other than me

if I’m too sad to sing

take me off social media please

if I’m too sad to sing

tell my dad

im so sorry 😞

remember when you said I needed therapy

and stopped being my friend

i didnt need therapy

i did need it then

but not having a friend was worse than I ever meant

cried all alone I drowned my whole floor

like rain from a closet

it completely demolished me 

like a boulder, my rock, my best friend

we were just drunk

im sorry, I didn’t mean to change she said I’m sorry

im so used to having my best friend

and then... no more changes - I just left.

knock knock no one home

knock knock I wrote you a poem

knock knock it’s not unlocked

knock knock that’s not my truck

knock knock don’t ring my phone

knock knock cj’s home

knock knock I’m in a cab

knock knock my signals bad

knock knock I’ll call right back

knock knock why’d you’d tell my dad

knock knock I can’t stop bleeding

knocking knock my tooth is crooked

knocks knocks the doors unlocked

knock knock please don’t get shot

knock knock I’m sorry I can’t be your rock

knock knock my movie I forgot

knock knock I’ll call you from vegas

knock knock I’ll tell them we dated

knock knock and when I’m famous

knock knock you’ll never be invited

knock knock I wish you didn’t care

knock knock to tell me you were there

knock knock I guess I am excited

knock knock I’ll always be an eleven

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