I know why

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I know why

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You didn’t keep it all inside

i know why

you didn’t buy more time

i know why

its a furnace

in your mind

i know why

she could never ride

that scar on her ankle

from a man who was thankful

to show you your mine

its ok

still have time

when your day is packed like mine

sit outside with your lime

squeeze it in my glass

no more holding back

i got another rack

for your shoes

please don’t laugh

cuz I got it for you

we know you can choose

your heart is in misery

your eyes like father misty

your anguish and pain is looking to rain

over castles and milestones and new ways to not be alone because robots in your poem it’s so scary

are you growing

are you blooming

is it true then

your mind is like a cave

so dark

thats ok

i like your mind

looked a lot like mine

and yes this is quiet

hide my face in my wallet

but we find new jeans

we find new cootys

we saw no relief

in her editing her things

scxred is not dead

never again

she found her own violence

in her mind

all her effs

existential crisis

call the hotline


call one of us

the nine and the waiver

i need a new place here

she was our saviour

she didn’t know we couldn’t be late here

her long waited manger

even he didn’t take her word

she was so laughing 

when her Lana del ray became happy

she was obsessed with death and the Holocaust cuz it’s meant 

for someone else in life, she helped all the time

and her taken alive

is a poem

i could never try

she as for i

two of us 

it’s OUR WHY




no it’s mine

a curious poet

so insane

you know it

but I like my old lady

i like she’s not crazy

she just doesn’t know it

were all here

in you’re new closet

and we fold all your laundry

make it easy to get started ✌🏻 ...

.... no she can’t heal her mind

if she can’t see me why

she can’t keep it all the time

has to share

thats her why

and she never eats

her last bite

no it’s yours it’s alright

id rather have you 

all over my dining experience, it’s true....


it’s a whizzle she gave us

didnt think she couldn’t change us

when we keep on dying

she keeps on writing

and unlike her mommy

doesnt run

its not fun

i don’t have to drum

got your flute

it was dumb

she still took her month

and she sat it all up

her only regret 

was never in bed

still stuck to her worth

wrote a book 


all her fears are irrelevant 

when you’re an eleven - shit

she knew when they mastered 

her ep would need to capture the scene

cuz the time that it takes, get it out, it’s insane

and I did this all my life - got scared - run and hide

like Ursula every night I show up

that girl is mine ✌🏻 Scarxred ✌🏻


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