I built a coffin

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I built a coffin

Made dinner for two

I built a coffin

Meant for me and you

I built a coffin

Cuz I die

And the only thing I see

Is me and you, inside.

Because love is like rust

Gets older

Just like us

And when I find the one

The only time we part

Is when you’re already done

Cuz even then

Even my last breath

Will be beside your side

Cuz I never want live

Unless you are alive

Its a bit of a moral

A fable

A label

Because the notebook I drew this in

Looked a lot like you when we were kids

When I wrote Lava Girl

When I recreated my own world

I went back to who I know

And it’s Lava Girl in that poem

I’ve always been that way

Put my name on everything

Ask my parents they would say

All VHS say her name

But when Lava Girl was born

She had an idea

She was torn

Because her parents didn’t look like that

They never stood a chance

And when I broke up with them

Told them I was dead

It was because of you

Its because Lava Girl already knew

She wanted the perfect couple

No need for unnecessary nuptuals

Because Lava Girl is fire

She already burns with desire

She knows about true love

And she knows how to snuggle snugg

But snuggle has two g’s

I don’t think that’s you and me

I mean

We’re more like a cannoli

Your arms around me

Holy moley

Thats where I feel alright

Thats how I sleep at night

All this time I’ve been tired

All this time it’s because...

His arms weren’t around her

So I guess I knew my cannoli

Because I’m white

Holy moly 🤦🏻‍♀️


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