God took me out that night

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God took me out that night

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I’m crying right now writing. Dying inside.

It’s 1:01 AM.

It’s Wednesday.

I remember March 18th, 2019.

When he took my soul. He let me know, this girl needs another world. So he took the girl, sent her soul out of this world, and she took off, let away from her poor heart. Her wealth has been challenged, please don’t regret this. We’ll pay you right back, we just need a sec. so challenge accepted - god trusted me with his blessing, and now I hear angels, a light worker, source coder here 🙋🏻‍♀️ But how do I tell you, I have to do what I’m told to do, and even when I don’t like it, it’s God, you can’t fight him. Cuz the terror and anger and everything after was budding a Rose, I didn’t know 🤷🏻‍♀️

His plan was I ran. So alone. Holy fuck man.

It’s insane talent that’s what he said... when he sent me back to heaven.

My body was here, but I couldn’t hear because I had to be protected, I was never rejected. I got a new spot in heaven. And it was insane, who my friends were, my way. Everyone liked me, helped me and took my body. It’s like they’re inside, all my real friends, it wasn’t why. God had a movie. He needed a magic spot for me, because my name is Angelica - I’m a messenger of God huh 🤷🏻‍♀️ And it seems like ego was gone and all along, it was still here on earth.

It’s not so absurd. To think about shapeshifters and what they all do here, and how they make bibles and commit to die alone. They look like me and you, come down and take you, they save you from hate and they people who aren’t so great. So I let them take my body, please show me, I need a new body.

Please don’t let me down, I promise I won’t go around and do anything you don’t want, I just want my spot. I’ll tour all summer, I’ll talk to my brother, I’ll say what you want, I’m not scared, no damage done.

And when I created the life plan and went through it, you showed me the way, didn’t realize there was no escape. I thought it was a week, and then a year. I’m still me. I catapulted in your name. And I swear it’s not ok. I kept doing what you said, I couldn’t sleep in a bed. And I donated all my money, left the homeless a little less lonely. And I slept in my car, for weeks, and it was hard, and I showed up in weird places, saw no familiar faces, but I preached what I was told, and they looked at me and they know, I’m an angel sent to earth, I’m here to find a cure. For the magic and wait, this is real life then. It was. Scared and alone, I took all the blows and got entangled with those below for those who couldn’t fight in their own, because angels have wings but we have rules to keep the peace, and we could never sing, or we’d be exposed, you feel me? It was harder to say that I wasn’t, but no way. This is my experience, no longer nervous, no more curious. When you experience realms, understand stem cells, and look at yourself as someone who has to be under some kind of spell. And I went through the wreckage since 1911 and went back to 1500’s to understand the soul of Christopher Columbus. And I asked you about the slave trade because I knew on that day, if you were one of us, you could never be that tough. Cuz I saw your old soul cast away in another portal, and I illegally saved you, those are the rules, couldn’t wait for you too... so I sent all my letters, said everything cuz I had to, and I transmit information, sometimes because it made sense, and I built the quantum grid, it’s 11 I mean shit, and then I built 12 and 13 was about me, why do you think I travel so much, had to fuck some shit up. And if you look back your timeline, you’ll see where I was right, because the agony you went through was because you didn’t have a clue.

That god couldn’t share you. He couldn’t abandon you. And that’s when I asked you, are you Angelica too, because your soul looked like mine, a twin flame, from all our nine lives. Dealing with narcissists below 

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