Ghosts don’t know they’re ghosts

Ghosts don’t know they’re ghosts

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That’s what he said to me

this is a true story

when we were in bad that night

scared to be alone

but I didn’t feel safe though

the bed where I laid my head

you weren’t the one for me

just a friend to me

and we kept trying

and I have all this content you see

30 gigs of memory

how do you not know

everything isn’t ok

i cry everyday 

im still so alone

how can you not see

scarlett red inside of me

scarxred is hiding 

she’s a ghost of me

someone like I used to be

before veise beauty....

she was always lost

lost in all her thoughts

no one hurt her

no one had to save her

she produced music

its what I do

then you did that to me too

you took my computer 

and I didn’t know what to do

you took my air

you helped me move

now you work for the same man

im not allowed to say it

its too cruel

thats what my lawyers say

hold your tongue

maybe another day

keep weeping away

no one can hear

ghost of him

made a ghost of you

when she left you

heart on the floor

she knew

you would do that too

get back at you

your ego was bruised

she wasn’t pretty

i thought you knew

i only wanted to feel less secluded

i didn’t hate you

but I do

youre far too pretty

to be me and you

i never saw that in you

you were my favorite

even when I knew

you met up with so many other women

let me down

your heart is ruined.... ghost of you. 🥀

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