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Forget about us

Forget about onions

Forget about laser pointers

forget seeing into my life

forget about the time

forget all the shy

forget your old high

forget all the why




we cry


we die


the moon takes our madness

sets a flame

to the actress

some some she stay

some dumb her down

to be ok

some look at me

like an onion

open book

to happy

some people know

you reap what you sow

and some people though

look at you

like you’re already whole

no more layer
no more slow

no more hand

no more poe

no more sadness

no more matches

no more to set on fire

no more underwire

no more deleting this

no more

youre a phoenix

you already knew

took me time to see

you weren’t doing this to 

feel like you

you got shown around

by a man who was a clown

and he cut down your castle

took her to drown

no more pastor
he told her his lie

shut her down

to feel alright

and she knew she 


she should

she would be 

with you

she song she was gone

she wasn’t happy

she showed up

because the same thing

her angel in blue

all the calm and the peace was you

when she let you in

she stopped believing in her. Or him.

she sat outside by the lake

every night

to take a break

from the tragedy inside

felt she deserved 

every body decided

but her own work

was where she felt sure

that she meant something to her

even though it was all around the world

she laughed and she cried

all alone for so many nights

when she finally

did drive

scuba dive

into the fight

she lost all her ammo

gave away 

no more camo

she lost all she earned

she lost all concern

and she went to denver

couldn’t be better

but she kept it all in

all her manners

and she slept in the bus

cuz at least she was enough

and when she wasn’t mentioned

no one cared 

no one saw him there

when his wings came right after

he’s the reason I’m still half here

living in series

in my head

some read this poem

get discouraged like it’s their own

some ride alone to make sure they keep going

some people think this is all a bad dream

and some people sing

some people look at us and think they had enough

some people just don’t know, I’m not really a show

some people ask and some people just use slack

some people ignore and some people call me a bore

but some people see, they sleep inside, just like me

and some people get carded while some

pull the alarm

and some people scare while some people share

some are on the fence scared to be a recent regret

but still in my poem

still in my poem

i find peace in this life

you made me feel

you made me alright

youre the gift I asked for

youre the person who warned her

youre the man of my dreams

youre still it

youre my me

youre when I sleep

youre why I sing

youre why I wink

and you’re seriously the reason I still believe

that someone like you could show up out of the blue

And treat me better than anyone I ever knew

cuz I will always believe in you I will always be by you

i will always hold you close regardless of what I post

and we will never be alone we will never not have a home or a hand to hold we will always show each other all we do and show everyone about me and you

we will always hold joy because you’re it 

you’re my all. you’re this. you’re in my phone. you’re in my home. you’re in my poem. you’re never alone. and when you care, I always share. and when you write, I may never reply. but know when you do, I will too. because you’re what I seek. the man, snuggled in sheets 🥰

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