Every night. Every way

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Every night. Every way

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Every lie

every sigh

every skye

the one who would let me cry

tell me my why

was because he was my guy

he wouldn’t let me cry

unless it was tiger time

i go on the loose

go off on a fire my rage all my own

i have to get it out when I can’t see her

shes gone

where did you go

i can see her he would say 

here let’s go

grab some food

you shouldn’t work so far from home

I never leave

youre a deer in headlights he said

your heart won’t stop beating

can you even be breathing

no she’s needy

my home would tell me

how could someone be so nice to me

here baby here’s some clothes

put them on

get ready

and here sweetie

i got these for you

youre my favorite beauty

but you said you wanted more lipstick

this looks like your color

i checked one of the others

here sweet lady

no tears after your mascara

write yourself a letter

put it on our mirror

youre so lucky

youre so beautiful

youre the only girl who could ever live here

ill share my home

your heart is where I belong

i knew along

when I saw you New Years night in that bar

you wrote a note

about the next man to come along

and she kissed Dana that night

he still saw her

came up to her

told me you’re the most gorgeous woman in this room

in this world

can we go out one day

we ate dinner and I was scared

he was nice and honest

my man was a ghost before us

he never knew

even when he let me go

sent me more roses

than I had ever known

and he was embarassed

but knew I needed it

and that’s how we loved me

gloves I’m grown

when we slept on that mattress

bought us a house

give me everything I need

a basement for production 

a side room to let your eyes weep

cuz we know you like to write

sweet baby please don’t sleep here

its late I know you’re never bored

please sweetie come to bed

go on vacation

give your mind a rest 

all these girls will forgive you

if you don’t answer til tomorrow

sweet baby you could NEVER be lazy

come here

let me save you

how can I help

angels can’t save themselves

sweet baby please stop crying

tjmaxx will forgive us

we did the best we can

the labels are just crooked

please baby don’t jump

please Gina will help us

sweet baby here’s some food

im allergic to everything

i memorized it sweetie but you have to keep eating

sweet lady stop signing your emails

cuz you’re afraid someone else will know

its just you

let me heal you

you don’t have to do everything 

there’s people you can trust

to help with everything

baby... please stop working

youre not going to die

not today

not tonight

i won’t let us

i got you babe please be ok

tell the girls their packages will be late

please stop killing yourself

you have so much pain

you can’t walk babe

can i come to Charlotte and help you feel

they can wait they’ll always be around

three years baby and so many rules

rules to keep from going down

you look rundown

and you’re sexy when you’re skinny

lets get some food now

wendys no please no more nuggets

vodka would be nice

maybe a Caesar salad

and bread from that place seems like a great escape

please baby don’t hate us

theyre all wrong

were sorry it’s all gone

we couldn’t keep going

fourteen hours

were needed elsewhere

please baby

no more reasons to keep dying

its no longer needed 🥀 Scarxred 🥀 your favorite self 🥀.... truesday blues or mensday to.... saw a picture of me when I was younger, never saw me there, never saw myself, she took it away, the day - she met someone else 🥀


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