Back in 93

Back in 93

I was ancient history

A toad stool in time

A limiter in my mind

But the possibilities were endless

No body could pretend this

I would always be number one

No more issues

No more tough

The sleek exterior

Of bone and horns

A unicorn like iron

A simple made up smile

Of one or two or three in a noose

I'd hang myself from radishes

Like Nooses in the night

I didn't want this, kid

I'd tell me friends my darkest secrets

No one to talk to 

No one to seed this

But looking back in time

It's 30 years later

If I was 1993

I'd ask you all a favor

Don't change her name to Flava Flav

Don't pick up the flight

Put the pipe back in it's cage

I'd let my Dad make all the rules

I'd tell those bullies you're a bunch of fools

Cuz thirty 2 years later

I still need another favor

To look back online 

And make it all wide

Wide Open for Spaces

And places and things

For people and ornaments

And trinkets and bling

And all the other things

You whispered at me

Cuz God if you can hear me

That noose was just a jump rope for me

Still here. Never left you anywhere


Angelica Caporuscio

All work copyright and owned by Veise Beauty, Scarxred, and INSXS Beauty

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