One dot

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One dot

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Period. That’s all she said. Period. That’s what’s in her head. No drama no comma. No posters about llamas. No Elm 45 or talking about Sylva. No had to get it out. No had to chase the klout. Had to get by. There was no try. There was no why. Just couldn’t let you down. Soul to soul. I think we know. When our other half is happy. Twin flames don’t get maps. We get sappy. So dry your eyes. It’s ok if you cry and if you cry every night I’ll still be by your side. Cuz I see your soul I see all along. That girl in the mirror. She’s the one. She’s a winner. I’ll take her out to dinner. I’ll propose a new vintner. I know she likes wine. But the tannins not too dry. And my mind is made up. She’s no longer eagles blood. You sore in your mind. How bout real life? Yea feels good to be a gangster. No ghetto in my mind. But we still visit all the time. Help those be more kind. And yea I’m an example of people who can get through, anything in life. That’s my fortune, it’s not all mine. Cuz now I have you. Don’t feel so secluded. Cuz you’re in my corner. I know. I’ll never be bored here. Angels take their time. They calculate - in my mind. I sat so high. A clever place to why. Someone she knew. Was ok. Saw you.

 This is my Docuseries below. I documented my mental health and journey to recovery this year. Although this is episode 6, you can catch the full series on YouTube, by clicking here 👉🏻

Celine Dion Cover because this episode fits into my self love poem above. Period. One dot. Is about knowing the sentences you speak mean you’re being yourself. Period. One dot. It’s important to say what we mean in the moment, and I love this episode. So enjoy me singing Celine and of course sharing my work and world with you. LOVE YOU!! Don’t forget to comment and let me know you’re here, so I can say hi!!! Xoxoxo, Angelica, CEO, Mental Health Advocate👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👆🏻👆🏻👇🏻👇🏻🥀🥀🥀


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