No rowing backwards - John Snow ⛄️🩸🔪

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No rowing backwards - John Snow ⛄️🩸🔪

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Celine Sang to me

dont go save her 

don’t share the bleeding

dont shave your head

not in my bed

dont go alone

is this your poem

i write what I write

helps me dissect my lightning 

my wings get no writing 

when I’m filled with the lying

of the memories you made

youre scared I’m always

driving myself insane

when I’m happy

im always in my lane

i never die alone

always there

yea I know

dont ever read this poem

not for you or this song

but I’m scared of the whying

are you even trying

she said to her landlord

the day we didn’t care more

we let her go out on her own and I’m drowning

cuz i can’t pick up the phone

are you never alone

seems like her cares but fuck I’m still scared

is her name really Angie was that a lie am I madly

in love with her silly and her giving wet willies

to all of her friends

is it her 

was it this

was she write

did she lie to skye

that she couldn’t have made up all the poetry and the drug stuff and all her friends did they really do that

and holy crap I can take it back

i can be like Matt I can hold her hand I can help her plan all her future just like them and I know what I wrote was so horrible though and I sat on my floor 


jesse to settle the score. put her heart on the line just to show you you’re mine and you’re still being kind couldn’t let you down this time and I’m so sorry I made it I didn’t mean to be so late but I thought you would like this you were right I’m still in love with this


she can never stop whying someone cuz her life is so mesmerizing that you all keep on flying cuz her mind is a guy thing and she knows she’s all over and files they clone her but she can’t stop her hiding cuz she’s always on speed dialing - and pounding this buttons - y’all don’t know nothin’ cuz that girl with the razor got her mind don’t escape her cuz she slapped all the weed from her mind it’s obscene and she kicks it in Lexus and she made everyone breakfast cuz that’s how she shows up and that’s how she shows love and when she ain’t got no makeup that means she insane huh cuz who make videos and talk about childhood though and not give a fuck about you and bad luck cuz the notebook was ugh and she still thinks it’s dumb that you met her that night when she thought you were the pilot but naw you don’t steer ships and your friends and your clit are all fucked up on ships you don’t know how to kick and your habits are whack and your face is a sack of lumber in the yard looked at her like a scar but yea my name is red married a rich man instead but we’ll let our daughter date him because that’s how she got famous. Then when nobody knows how we got a loan we’ll tell everyone that your jokes were all done because you can’t go undo anything you already went through mine as well keep on going. No more John snowing 🌨 🐉 

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