It’s funny. I’d trade it, but honestly, I made it ✌🏻

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It’s funny. I’d trade it, but honestly, I made it ✌🏻

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I still think psychos they save us

Cuz who could possibly hate us

We sit and we have fun

We get drunk just for fun

And it’s hardly being honest

That girl was around us

But Paul was so mean

Even Ronix couldn’t save me

Even rednecks couldn’t change me

Been like this since I was 2

Told my family “fuck you”

When they had my sister 

Just a difference in opinions

I wanted to be the only one

Didn’t lie here

I did run

And the packages you gave

She said that’s a safe way

But I saw what you did

I saw I wasn’t your kid

But you didn’t try

To see me that night

When I cut my sisters hair

That was how I showed

That I do care

I write through the timeframe

All my lines

Just a mind game

Cuz all I went through

Was a Mom with no seclusion

Her hair was to the floor

And she sat because she was a whore

Because she couldn’t wear bikinis

Its a life no one gave me

That’s why I write to get it out every night

Because my mama she taught me

Speak your mind

One more thought please....


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