How To Love Your Ass or Assets

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How To Love Your Ass or Assets

The talk of the town, what are those things doing under your clothes?! Gasp. Is that,,, a body under there. That's the funniest thing to me when people actually see your body and are surprised that you have one. Like, don't we all

I'm truly a believer in loving the skin you're in and always striving to accept yourself. Whatever that form of yourself feels like. And being a girl who struggled and beat bulimia about 10 years ago. I can confidently say it took me this long, and gaining 40 pounds to accept that body.

My grandmother told me when I turned 20 my boobs would grow, well low and behold 13 years later I am finally growing into a C cup as opposed to a naturall AA as I was throughout all of my 20's. I was also 105 pounds compared to my natural 145 pounds now. Now, the questions.

Have I changed my diet or exccercise routine? No,it doesn't seem to matter how much I work out, the weigt does not seem to fluctuate nor does the size of my boobs or my ass. Do I have a little belly now? Yes I do. But I am no longer starving myself or vomitting up my food to fit an ideal body type. My body is natural now and so are my hormones, hence the boob growth. 

Now, I will say, I have always had a great ass. I worked out a lot and prided myself on the perfect booty since I didn't have the boobs to balance it out. But here's what I've learned in this journey. As since I was a teen, I have been no more than 125 lbs at 5'7" my whole life. Is that medicine, will make you gain weight. And I haven't found a cure except to embrace the womanly body I have become and to flaunt all of it assets and own it to the ultimate exceptions. 

I once read in a book, how guys don't really care what you look like if they're in love with you, once the clothes start coming off, they see boobs, ass, toes, ears, fingers, lips, etc. And I am not a guy, but I can say from experience that when I start taking clothes off, guys go crazy. Even at my 155 or 145 lb self now. So, there's that. And this Valentines Day and every day I encourage you to start looking at your body like it's yours. And you're alone. Yes, you can share this radical thing God blessed you with, but hunny, this baby girl wakes you up every mornign and you like fucking stunning. That's all I'm gonna say. Chillin with no makeup on, looking like your natural self, I am stunned at how beautiful women are. And no women is left out of that. I love babies too. Like I genuinely appreciate people and their demeanor and appearance because I know it took effort just to get out of bed that morning and God allowed them to wake up and breathe. And that's such a blessing.

This body of ours, hell. I get a shot of Abilify in my ass cheek once a month and damn straight I'm like, this my booty. Be careful with it. It's got things to do, like carry my jeans. Or make my backpack look better. Or hold my phone, or show off my pockets. And to be fair, I wear sweatpants most of the time unless I'm wearing skirts. But I have learned to rock the braless look, wear the non undies, show off my undergarments and wear them with pride. Because God gave ME this body and I get to share that. And that's cool as fuck. We all get to do that in our own unique way and show off what God gave us. We are all unique and beautiful, and fuck the myth that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Maybe the beholder was blind, because that rhetoric needs to go.

Acceptance is key. I like my rolls. I like my boobs getting bigger, and I like my butt getting curvier. It's a new thing for me, and whatever you want to look like boo, I support you. But be healthy about it, for christs sake. Do it in a safe way. We need you around here, in these parts, you're respected for your views and opinions and you should never feel ashamed for loving your body the way it is. And if something offends you, maybe ask an outside perspective or read something from someone who is uplifting, third party and can help keep you feeling like YOU. The inner YOU that already knows you're good enough and worthy of the perfect life. You don't deserve to suffer through this any longer. I'm Angelica Scarxred Caporuscio and I approve this message. Because short skirts and high heels are back in session, and darling class is about to begin. If someone has an issue with it, well then time to switch schools. Freedom of choice with respect to a womans body is huge to me. Has to be respect or we feel disrespect to ourselves. And that's not the type of generation I want to bring my children up in. Change starts within, without, around, and everywhere. We can all be the change. Lets teach our children the right way. XO, Veise Beauty


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