Best Benefits of Bentonite Clay for Skin, Hair, and Body

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Best Benefits of Bentonite Clay for Skin, Hair, and Body

Bentonite clay isn't extremely well known, but has gained in popularity recently in skincare applications. So what exactly is it? Well, bentonite clay is a powder that is ground from the Montmorillonite crystal. The Montmorillonite crystal is extremely concentrated with negatively charged ions. These negatively charged ions are then transferred to the bentonite clay when it is ground, and helps to make it an effective aid in promoting healing, absorbing excess dirt and oils, minimizing the appearance of pores, removing product buildup from hair, and detoxing the body.

Bentonite clay, is considered by many as a healing clay and has been widely used for centuries. When applied to the skin, it is thought to absorb toxins and poisons that get trapped in the skin. Our Bentonite Clay originates from the mountainous Wyoming region, and is mined directly from the earth. It’s filled with vital minerals and is considered by many to have a shelf life of 4-5 years.

Benefits of Bentonite Clay for Skin, Hair, Body - Veise Beauty

1. Oil Absorption

Instead of stripping away natural oils in an unhealthy manner with unnatural, and harsh chemical solutions, try using this all-natural clay mixture with water in order to properly remove oil from your skin! Instead of basically killing the oils on your skin, bentonite clay works to absorb that oil. Bentonite clay absorbs only the excess oil on the skin, while leaving the desired moisture levels on your face. Kind of like magic, but more like science. At Veise, we believe that all-natural is always better for you!

Best Benefits of Bentonite Indian Healing for Acne, Scarring, Deep Pore Cleansing, Blackheads, Breakouts

2. Exfoliation!

Due to the slightly grainy nature of bentonite clay, this wonderful natural product can act as an exfoliator as well. It is not overly grainy and textured that it will leave your skin raw, and in pain. Our natural bentonite clay has a particle size: 80% smaller than 74 microns, 40% smaller than 44 microns to be exact.

Bentonite clay is textured enough though, that it will shed off the unwanted layers of dead skin not only on your face, but other areas of your body that you believe need exfoliation. So, give it a shot and let us know at Veíse how your experience is!

3. Hair Cleanser

Now remember, bentonite clay is not just useful for skin! But surprisingly, your hair can benefit from this as well! You may think putting clay in your hair sounds strange, which it is slightly. But, a combination of the bentonite clay powder with water can add some diversity to your hair routine. Bentonite clay can help absorb excess oil in your hair as well as product build-up, leaving it looking sleek and shiny. Just be careful to not let the clay mixture dry on your hair! 10-15 minutes is perfect!

4. Deodorant

Many mainstream deodorants are jam-packed with harmful chemicals that are no good for anyone and have known carcinogens in them! Since bentonite clay absorbs oils and moisture so well, it makes conventional sense that this could also function to fight off body odor as well. This absorption of moisture allows for you to apply a mixture of bentonite clay and water to any odorous areas, and the clay will absorb the odor-filled moisture.

5. Remineralizes the skin

Since bentonite clay is as natural as it gets (we literally get ours from a Mountain in Wyoming), you would not be surprised to hear it is jam-packed with all-natural minerals as well! Just some of the minerals in bentonite clay are: magnesium, potassium, and calcium. By applying a simple face mask of bentonite clay and water, you too can reap the benefits of all these minerals! Up to 64% of what you put on your skin gets absorbed into the body, meaning applying these minerals to your skin can help to rejuvenate, nourish, and plump your skin in all new ways!

Remineralizing Bentonite Indian Healing Clay to promote healing and detoxifying the skin

6. Full Body Detox

Sounds crazy right?! To take a bath with clay? People have been rubbing clay on their bodies for centuries - does the Dead Sea ring a bell? The reason this works is because of the negative charge emitted from the ions in the clay. These ions attract positively charged damaging, heavy metal ions and draws them from within the body.

It's super easy too!


In a bowl, mix 3/4 cup Veíse Bentonite Clay and mix with 1.5 cups water. Rub mixture all over your body and face, or pour directly into the tub and swirl around until it's mixed well. Soak and relax!

We also recommend a Seaweed Bath Soak or Herbal Bath Soak to get aromatherapy and extra detox properties as well. 

Although we know you may not always have time, a weekly detox bath and face mask can help draw damaging heavy metals from our bodies, skin, and face. And in the name of multi-tasking, our Bentonite Indian Detox Clay can be used for both skin, hair, and body :) 

From everyone at Veíse Beauty, we hope you’ve enjoyed yet another informative article on natural products you may be able to incorporate into your skin lifestyle!

XOXO, Veíse Beauty

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