Take A Bath Tonight 🛁

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Take A Bath Tonight 🛁

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Please be alive

she said in her mind

her insides are dead

cant feel a thing

cant even feel regret

please he said

please don’t die

not inside your head

youre doing the best you can

please be alive she can’t be dead

we need her here instead

please angelica

im your friend

rest your weary head

we heard all you said

it will be ok

we promise

were still your friend

please keep breathing

dont drown alone

head above water

we brought you a float

i don’t know why

everyone thought

i could float alone

afraid of my own air

my fire dries it up

i need more

my insides are gone

im dead inside

its my normal

please he said

let me know

are you ok

is this your poem

are you watering your pain

are you lying again

wheres your beer

fire here

my she said

barely able to sleep

three days and it’s still too much

for everyone

how do I keep going

you never get a floatie

you expect me to keep swimming

but I do it for you

i know 

I do it for us

please keep being you

when I cant

i drown

its weird

theres no air there

but it looks so easy

please be needy

tell me it was her heart beating

when she felt secluded

please tell me water is useful

can you be that afraid

afraid of what we have

please don’t drown alone

youre on fire

its no secret

i see you around

please stop drying your eyes on ig

please stop thinking anything less of me

please girl


it will all be ok

just keep being you

keep your heart beating

we’ll smash this glass ceiling

well put up a fight

my feelings are dead

she said

i can’t feel anything

it doesn’t feel real

how does it all go down the drain

how does no one hold my hand

how does no one hear me sing

please go to bed

its been a long couple days

we see

we keep you

we’ll never leave you

servitude is all I knew

and now I’m on my own

head under water

its true

tears are gone

ghost of you scarxred 🥀


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