I need someone to tell my secrets too

I need someone to tell my secrets too

Yes, all these nitty gritty little secrets

They eat away at me like a thief in the night

I can't remember my memories

I can't remember my life

My toes between the sand

No soldier, no hand

Just me and you alone my love

The one true obstacle

I can't be loved

Am I so lovable

My touch it hurts

Am I so vulnerable

My lust is work

Am I so antifreeze

Your heart gets down on one knee

Just to drain away the pay inside

To pay the pain

I cannot lie

Except to those inside

It's too much to bear

With you and me right there

To see you from the outside looking in

I'd rather be with women I'd rather be your fin

My fingers in the air

Dress me all up in your rings

I'll be your new America

I'll be your everything

I need someone

To share my secrets with

xo, Angelica Nicole

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