Believe me. YOU.Are.LOVED.

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Believe me. YOU.Are.LOVED.

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Never see me

send a snap please

need to know your not dead

he reads everything 

beloved in my underwear 

you see he needs me

he sleeps against the sheep

he weeds against the bp’s

he gases up his girl

got you snacks never hurt

got you cinnamon never burns

gah you’re sugar you’re my world

defend your own learning curve

shes not ok she couldn’t sun

she couldn’t ask for love

passion was her drug

but then she found desire

somewhere couldn’t have her

her heart was a matchmaker

twin flames never get weird

never. We never get her

she doesn’t listen 

she doesn’t kiss kids

she doesn’t get women

and she still management 

she doesn’t win

she doesn’t live in LA

she doesn’t work for UCF

and she did win our bet

our better half

was always a snack

and during our series

shes just a plug away from me

all that battery

all that news

all that happy

all that juice

yea she can get over you

hold her own

she can be of use

she never held her pilot

in her mind never silent

shes always waiting

so alone no more sayings

shes skating

for escape needs

she waiting

to get you on your reading list

she praying to come down with kids

shes lazy because all of this

never dated never waited never pro-crastined

never writing never fighting never get that high again

but she did. but it was with him. her season. You.Are.Loved. Is the reason ✌🏻 Believe him. ✌🏻

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