Ang stop being mad. I’m not mad. I’m lonely

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Ang stop being mad. I’m not mad. I’m lonely

And that’s all she said. She wet the bed.

JK it’s all in your head

no one heals

no one feels

we’re all invisible

its weird

and we float through time and space

scared to find our place

and we sit at home

a shadow


and no I don’t hide

no more shadow of mine

no more weeping willow

no silly ugly girl

no more who knows

no more second guessing you’re gross

no more holiday shows

no more wish you were here... you know

no one reaches out

no more worries about clout

no one shaves their own mane

no one says you’re not ok

no one told me to write this

no one told me about your first kiss

no one clicked away their family

no one said hey to candy

no one lies to their family

says they died and went mad... see

she figures out the quantum grid

you’re still maybe madly in love with him

he’s grown to lose more than he could ever explore

his mind races away scared he’ll show up to your show one day and he crashes at places to stay away from the way it is

cuz I can’t sleep alone

no longer home

homegrown is what I know

farm fields were my hope

and when I don’t know

ask my dad he’s all hope

and he hears what I said 

get my ideas no regret

and he said fuck all of them

they don’t know

you’re just Scarlett red ❤️

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