Not Your Average Fashion Trend: The Fascinating History of Essential Oils in Beauty

Not Your Average Fashion Trend: The Fascinating History of Essential Oils in Beauty

Incorporating essential oils into your beauty routine yields long-lasting benefits that provide more than just soft skin and a pleasant aroma. But because essential oils are experiencing a massive popularity boost, you should understand their origins and their risks before using them on your body.

What Makes Oils Essential?

Essential oils are so named because they contain the key chemicals that give a plant or flower its fragrance and flavor. All plants generate oil, which is then removed via steam or pressure. Throughout history, people have enjoyed essential oils, adding them to fragrances and recipes. Aromatherapy, or the inhalation of diluted oils, have long been used for relaxation. Today, people seeking natural beauty remedies value these oils for their safety and effectiveness.

Using Oils Safely and Beautifully

The following popular essential oils can improve the condition of your hair and body, but you should always test for sensitivities on a small section of your skin. Although oils are readily available, ensure you purchase only pure, unadulterated products. As far as proper application goes, we recommend most essential oils should be either used for aromatherapy or applied topically, and never ingested unless otherwise instructed by a products directions. You should also dilute the essential oil with either a carrier oil (grapeseed, almond, marula) or mix the essential oil with a paraben-free lotion which will dissipate the concentrated molecules that can sometimes cause skin irritation. Oils are highly concentrated chemical formulas, so they should always be diluted with a carrier oil before application to reduce unpleasant reactions.

Veise Beauty Bubble Bath with essential oils

Try a Hot Bath

Add lavender, geranium, or rose oil to a nice, hot bath to moisturize your skin and relieve your stress. Simply drop a few drops into warm water and soak once or twice a week for maximum benefits. Adding a Veíse Organic Seaweed Bath Soak or Organic Herbal Bath Soak can also help to detox, rejuvenate, and revive your body without any of the messy cleanup of loose herbs and flowers. Avoid spicy, irritating oils like cinnamon and lemongrass—even though they smell great.

Ditch the Shaving Cream

Shaving oils can prevent razor burn and bumps, leaving you with soft skin and smoother hair growth. Whip some sweet almond oil up with your favorite essential oil  and use in place of shaving cream. Eucalyptus oil (which gives you a fresh, clean scent) and orange oil (which promotes healthy skin) are both recommended for this purpose.

Make a Hair Mask

Dry hair is a year-round issue that causes breakage, split ends, and flyaways. Save yourself yet another costly salon visit by applying a mixture of coconut and peppermint oils to your hair. Peppermint has a cooling effect, so it can offer relief for flaky scalps. Another benefit? It may slow hair loss.

More Essential Tips

Shopping for oils online is fun and convenient, but seek out an experienced reseller or shop owner who understands oils. They can give you more tips and educate you regarding possible side effects. And if you have any questions about the essential oils we use in our Veíse products, comment below or email us at - We're always happy to help! Have fun elevating your beauty routine in a healthy, natural way!

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