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How an Ice Face Roller Can Increase Your Skins Glow

If a common issue in the maintenance of your skin consists of enlarged pores or inflamed skin, then an ice face roller might just be the trick to conquer these problems!

What is An Ice Face Roller?

An ice face roller is a hand-held skin treatment tool that you can apply to areas of the skin that are problematic.

An ice face roller is extremely helpful in the maintenance of the body. The skin is the largest organ in the body, which means it needs the most care. The cold treatment from an ice face roller might be your new favorite technique for helping to treat your skin problems.

How is works

The cold that comes from the application of the ice roller shrinks pores, and the pressure generated on your skin from the force applied to the roller can also partially massage your skin, relieving any inflammatory pains.

The pressure from the ice face roller also causes the lymph nodes of the body to drain. Positive effects from this drainage include: reduction of skin inflammation, redness, fatigue, and irritation. The cold from the ice face roller also gives your skin a firm, and glowing look.

The Ice Roller also stimulates muscle fibers and blood vessels throughout the skin. The stimulation of blood vessels leads to quicker healing times in the skin which repairs skin blemishes much faster than the normal healing process.

When you add the Ice Face Roller to your skin regimen, you’ll never be able to go without it again. Seriously, we've been hooked ever since we started experimenting with it!

When to Use

  • Breakout Prevention: If you have a clear face, but feel a breakout is coming soon, then this is the perfect preventative treatment for you. The shrinkage of your pores allows for the skin to protect itself against oils penetrating deep into your poreswhich is what ends up causing breakouts in the first place.
  • Perk Up That Tired Skin: Because of the cold from the ice face roller, the skins pore shrink, and inversely allow the skin to experience a lift. This will make the bags under your eyes not only feel relieved, but look relieved as well.
  • After A Fresh Shave or Wax: You can deploy your ice roller directly after shaving or waxing. This will allow your hair follicles to heal and sooth, preventing irritation, and also the dreaded razor burn.
  • Sunburn Healing: The application of the ice face roller will allow the swelling that occurs post-sunburn to go down much more quickly. It can also allow for your skin to find relief from the horrible stinging sensation that comes with a sunburn. 
  • Inflamed Skin: The massaging and cold combined in the ice face roller will stimulate those blood vessels deep underneath the skin, and allow for your inflammation to go down. 
  • Sore muscles: If you like to hit the gym this is also perfect for you. The ice face roller is a perfect massaging tool that will also put your muscles on ice at the same time, to heal them up so you can hit the gym just as hard tomorrow.
  • Those Pesky Seasonal Allergies: The anti-inflammatory effect of the ice face roller allows for this multipurpose tool to relieve pain and inflammation during your fiercest of allergy seasons.

How To Use

The Ice Face Roller is easy to learn, and even quicker to master. All you have to do is store your roller in the freezer at home, and it will be ready to use at any time! You can roll it on your face, around your eyes, on the pesky sore spot in your thigh, or even get a partner and have them roll out that knot in your back you haven’t been able to get rid of yet.

Our recommendation here at Veíse Beauty is to find time every day right when you wake up and directly before you go to bed to apply the Ice Face Roller. During your morning routine, roll it on your face to give you the wake-up-call you need to be ready for your day! Before bed just massage your neck or shoulders with the roller, and this will help prepare you for your beauty sleep.

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