Feed me movies and some nudies

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Feed me movies and some nudies

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And we’ll be in love

Feed me boobies

You said that’s your drug

Itty bitty titties

What are we getting at please

You really like the movie

Or is it about my booty

Am I your cutie patootie

Would you meet me for some nooky

I shaved my head because I knew it

We could do it at the office

And my hair would never tangle

Someone could see that I was strangled

Cuz I really do like it rough

But with my man

He knows when to make love

He knows when to shutup

He knows when to leave us

He knows when I need a minute

And he knows when to hit it and quit it

He knows when I grow alone

Im just writing

A place of my own

He knows I look like Kat Von D

When I’m in leather

And lace and ugh please

Get her a better way to see me here

Cuz the man in your head is all about to be right here

After reading your book

Its scary, that right hook

But who doesn’t know this

The girl always likes roses (I do 🥰)

She actually likes daisies too, thought you should know this 🌸 

No one saw that

Is it crazy

Cuz you can smile like a lady

After just being nakey 

And still not think I’m amazing

Cuz sex in bed

or sex in the kitchen

sex in your office

or sex in your porsche 

girl....that’s my world 

sex with your woman

i always blew it

the cannoli

holy moly

is because that man could’ve ran

but he kept reading her books

he knows how to cook

he knows how to treat a lady

he knows not to be shady

he knows how to tell the truth

and he knows to say you’re more beautiful

he knows I like racing

and I speed don’t get lazy

cuz I def need a lawyer

not ashamed, don’t impound her

but you can bound me and gag me cuz consent means everything to me

and when I have a plan

its a strategy for the perfect man

cuz the man for me

sees what I need

and he knows all my hooks

including my verses and nooks

all the crannys and inklings

all the pages of my writing

cuz I put this online

so my prince can come find me

and I tweet about it too

its my new rule

to tell my favorite man I love him

you will be my husband

and I don’t know who you are

settle down

not build a bar

but make movies everyday

settle down

its ok

lava girl

has her own little world

and her hubby isn’t ugly

hes just cuter than me

and I like when we sleep

nudie between the sheets

cuz I got my cannoli

im no longer lonely

and yes I protect you 

even Monday’s couldn’t get to you

because it’s one of my favorite tunes

i swear i’ll show you soon

and of course I like my ways

ill share em

its ok

i don’t know the way

let you lead

thats my way

except we’re a team

thats really what we need

not just you and me

for each other, I’m your queen 👑 

cuz i’ll wait for the right man

I’ll wait for the ring on my hand

and I already know this

cuz I know the universe chose this

cuz I see you in my mind

and I look at you all the time

i saw you in las vegas

i saw you when i was in texas

and i don’t regret this

saw you when i ate breakfast

and it may be confusing

i already choose you

but i wonder about we

is it you? or is it me?

i think you might be fire

not so sure

dont excite her

cuz i see you in my mind

a few days maybe

its alright

cuz i know when i know

i wont see you glow

cuz I’ll pick up the phone

when i don’t wanna be alone

but the truth is, i don’t really know

so i wrote you this poem

and whoever you are

i have one crush

and it’s with your heart 🤮🥰 you are 🥰💓🥰


I look like a tease, but I swear I’m not being mean.

i write back and fourth for dialogue just of course 🤷🏻‍♀️
and I didn’t have to say that, but sex with any man is something that’s close to me. I won’t get prego with just anybody. Cuz a body takes time, and I’ve prepared my mind, and I can’t wait to have a baby with a person who won’t be afraid to treat me like his only lady... until his daughter of course. But that’s a whole different story 🥰 and a whole different Porsche - you see I’m always honest. I’ve looked at you from Ebonics, and all this is fun. I could never run. Xoxo, sc.red 🥰

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