You can get upset. But I’m Poe

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You can get upset. But I’m Poe

Hell no you’re not Poe

Hell no we won’t grow

We won’t see you are alone

We won’t read your stupid art

We won’t read your milestones

We won’t even read your poem..

But we gave it a look

Our family it took

30 years to see the truth

That this was all I knew

This was always deep inside

Not a gangster

Couldn’t hide

My wealth is in my chest

Could’t ever rest 

Couldn’t ever forget 

Because wealth left me alone

So I could keep my poems

And everything I wrote

Was all homegrown

It all came from my heart

It was beginning when I was art

When I was two you knew

Threw up pictures out of the blue

Threw up paintings on you

Threw up my famous all over you

Suppose I wasn’t eighty

And my art work made me famous

Suppose when I was two

You let me do what I do

Suppose I did like Dr. Seuss

And you let me play with my noose

Cuz my art will kill me

And that’s alright by me 🖤

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