They wouldn’t take me alive

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They wouldn’t take me alive


It wasn’t my time

I really did try

To remember you

oh my...

Thats what I hear

When I look at her weird

Does she know she’s not dead

Does she know she’s an eleven

Does she know her real crew

Does she know she’s included 

Does she know what to do

When she looks like you

Does she sit on the couch 

Does she even read women

Does she know her own worth

Does she know her own course 

Does she work so hard

Because of her Dad

Does she know she’s not alone

Does she know this isn’t a poem

Does she know her love letters

He would never regret anything from her

Does she know her own worth

Does she know her homeschooling was absurd

Does she know her mama didn’t want a child

And that’s why she’s in denial

Does she know she’s egyptian

Does she know resurrection 

Doesn’t she know her own words

Are what we all need

How does she know how to sing

How does she know how to dream

How does she know to sleep with nobody

How does she weep

How does she keep


How does a kiss make her day

And does a kiss keep her away

How does her last name change

How does her favorite place keep me up for days

How does her whole life seem so fine

When they couldn’t take her alive....

Why did they take her death

As something she’d never said

She told us everyday 

I couldn’t stay away

I couldn’t be alive

Cuz then I couldn’t die

Why does she die

Die every night

With a noose around her neck

She’s never really dead

Cuz the noose is my own hands

And they’re too big that’s the plan

God gave me my own hands

So I could never die again scarxred ❤️

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