If my shoes are on, I'm working

scarxred -

If my shoes are on, I'm working

Like a thief in the night

My shoes take plight

They steal my empty spaces

Take space when I need pain

They switch up the time spent alone

The liar in the thief in my home

Taking my A.D.D. to different levels and homieness

Taking my memories and thinking I'm nervous

When I'm just a shoeaholic

Looking for a throne

Chewing on grade A gum

Thinking I need a thumbs up just to get a grub

Thinking back to A.D.D. and every time I think I need

I have a master plan

To get the shoe collection off the plans

It's a made up time frame 

To think I have a tame mane in my brain

But I'm all different

Digging through answers

Thinking about the ban here

How no one really knows the cluster funk in my mind

It's all way more missed than you know

When people say money can buy happiness

I think they have a shoe addiction 

They have clique in time

That maybe money will be fine

But I sit on my time

My life in an online bind

A typical typo to know if I'm actually fine

I have no idea who I mean on my mind

If this is someone who has no idea about the crying

The long lost evil in my mindset

I lose my self just to have a regret

I regress sometimes and look at myself like this is the time

I have the time if only just one listener knew my high

I don't look at you like that 

But that's how I feel in my bind

My bindings take the final answer

It's not me

I'm just the planner

I write down notes

I take your hopes

I look at your flaws

I take you along

I think in the tiniest of finger prints

Leaving little bitter pinkies on my heart

I need you now more than an eternity 

I look at you like when will you run to me

I need me more than the torture

Of looking at my brain

I don't know your name or who told you to stay away

But when you come back, don't look that way

We have pay to stay away from

We don't have the sane way of looking at your name

I think maybe one day I'll be that way

But today, I'll look that way

Looking for more, looking for war

Looking for weight, looking for doors

Looking for answers, looking for quarrels

Looking for middle ground, looking for a whole new town

I can't look down when I go from this proud

New moment of monstrocity, the littlelest of hope to get to the end of me

A little bit of while, I do this, I know this in my midst

I'm sitting here eating ramen

Like a noodle, and a fist

But one things comes to mind when I think back to all the tricks

Is that if my mind is made up, then I need you to balance the gimmicks

It's a trick and trade, a diamond and a spade

It's a locked door with no key

The lost force within me

I think to all the time I lost when making money just to be a cause

But when I find my real purpose, I can't tell you I'm too nervous

Take your shoes off they'll say but they don't know when to stay away

Take your shows off they'll say but they don't know that's just my way

Take your shows off they'll say, no I'm sorry there has to be another day

Take your shows off, okay. I'm a demon, I can't play your days or your names

That's what it's like living with bipolar depression. The demons in your mind come out to play and tell you that nothing will ever be ok. It's a play by play. A day to day, and a dangerous rendition of how I type out my name. It's a scary place to say, in my own darn way, I can kill the voice inside my head, but do you know if I'll be dead. A mummy wrapped up in timeless things, a think by think, a little wring. A wringless endeavour, where'd my wings go, am I this clever. An angelic creature in the night, no I'll make it, I'll be all write.


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