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Do More Tomorrow

Today we take a break, from all we want to say. Today we take a break to sit out by the lake. Today the great escape from everything you hate. Today is not the day to let your moral drown. Today is not the day to keep your head held high. Today is not the day to let yourself continue to hide. Today is not the day we wore. Today is not the day to be sore. Yesterday was right. All the write and the pile of crying. Yesterday was Skye sitting in your ear. Telling me I’m fine and I’ll get so many more years. If today was the day, he did whisk me away, I would happily say yes, because vacations are the best. And when we get a new longboard - get to the valley and help her she’ll be so happy, probably napping, in her new corridor, of this mansion I’m sure. It’s so strange that I know, that my future he holds. In his hands on his hands, it’s all part of Gods plan. And I’ll show you again, what it’s like to be a man. Because God has a Stan, with a girl with a scab. He fixed alllll my wounds, was abandoned from abuse. And sure if felt nice to be swept all my life. But I know where this goes and I know about shows cuz they showed me last year why I had no more fear. My focus and fame and all the same names was nothing but remorse for a world with no course, so we gridded away a source code it’s Sunday, and that’s when they told me, I would no longer be lonely. And maybe it’s cryptic when they showed me where I’d get this but I’m proud of my gifts it’s no longer a sin. 

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