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So here's how my days go. I'm an incessant tweeter, you can catch me at the #scarxred hashtag since twitter is banning me from being in the search engines, search @iamscarlettred, you'll see. This happens all the time. Twitter, Tinder, Tiktok, Instagram, I'm currently blocked on @iamscarlettred and @scarxredblog oh and linkedin blocked me today too, but ya know these coder hacker hands can have some severe mental health effects like not giving a fuck ya know why. I'm Mr. Marshmello's number one.

Scarxred becomes scarxMello in overnight success




There. I said it. I haven't said it before but this nights edition of #hoodienews is brought to you by a 32 oz Diet Mountain Dew. Ha. I said that too. I Drink Mountain Dew and Chris and I are going to have a little Mountain Dew drinking, high fructose corn syrup feathen typa little lady. Yea. There. We're prego. Can't wait to share. Let you when there's more to come.... ok... here we go... here's how my day goes today. I wake up at 8:29 am to a tweet that says @mellodees had tweeted, yes. Fuck yea, my favorite. I'm always sorry that I didn't know when you knew. That's my whole goals. So sorry. Anyway, off on my tangent. So I'm sitting here thinking, does shnowball equal lowball. See, how I choose to approach the afterlife of you.are.loved. is through the same eyes as chris sees me. Now most of you do not know we are no where near eachother, we're actually at opposite ends of the United States. Now, I have a feeling I know when him and Shalizi started their diabolical scheme to get to me, but who knows. Anyways, I just remembered I have pizza combos and threw my shot in the air like I just don't care because fuck if it isn't 9:29 pm and I have successfully shared my hard work all over the internet approximately 897 times today so I can stay ok.

For everyone who is not ok, or never ok. It's ok. To say. I don't want to be ok. I want to stay this way. I like it. It's cool to be ok with not being ok. It's totally ok. And like way cooler, because mental health does mean.....there's something right with us. We do our part, we share. We care. We do whatever is necessary but it does always mean we'll be there. We should never feel like we have no one we can call when we need to pick up the phone. We should all feel like we have someone we can talk to. We. Should. That's why we're committed to create safe harmonies around our new coolkidsclub a coolkids almost like an old folks community. We saw a raccoon cub today.

Anyway, back to m...damnit i forgot. sheesh. this is a lot. always. everyday. scary. to be anywhere near her. she's always tweeting and tagging. when will she get better. she's better. she's every bit better then....see. she just needs somebody to share or care. she's that easy. that easy.


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