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  • I'm the CEO of Veise, and I struggle to be kind to myself

    You can’t expect anyone else to understand, and that’s ok. It’s about you understanding and accepting yourself. Saying even though this may feel uncomfortable, I'm going to do it anyways because that's what's right for me, and other peoples opinions about my appearance don't have any effect on my life, unless I choose.  View Post
  • Is Soy Making You Breakout?

    You may not know this yet, but I struggled with cystic acne for almost 4 years when I started Veise.  I had no idea at the time that food could be contributing to my flare ups until I really started to pay attention to my skin and became committed to figuring out a way to clear my skin naturally.... View Post
  • The Seven Deadly Sins of Skincare

    The face is a delicate flower that can sometimes be set off by even the smallest thing. Sometimes we can pinpoint it, think clinging your phone to your cheek while talking to the BFF while shopping or "forgetting" to change your pillow case, because let's be honest, adulting is hard sometimes. These Seven Deadly Sins though are ones you should absolutely pay attention to, especially if you have blemish prone skin. View Post