You Shop. We Give.

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You Shop. We Give.

We have finally figured out an easy way to help our communities. Through this new initiative, we are able to donate 10% of all proceeds to the charity of your choice. When you add a product to your shopping bag, you have the option to choose which charity your contribution goes to. Here’s how it works:


Veise Beauty Charitable Contributions - Clean Beauty - Acne Forward Skincare


Right above the add to cart button, click on select cause. If no cause is added, we will evenly distribute the funds to Creating Equality, Medical Research, Covid-19 Response Fund, Environmental Sustainability, and Fighting Racial Injustice.


Veise Beauty - Charity Initiative - Proceeds to Racial Injustice - Clean Beauty - Green Beauty

Once your order is placed, we automatically donate all 10% to the charity chosen. Our partners take no percentage, so you can sleep happy knowing all your contributions are truly helping the cause of your choice. We like to let you choose, as your voice is necessary to help make real change. Thank you so much for your contribution. We will continue to fly our strength flags high. Your contribution means the world! Have a great day! And if you have an initiate you’d like to add, please let us know. We are for inclusivity, and would love to hear your views. Xo!

Angelica, CEO, Fighter and Mental Health Advocate



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