Our Princess in Destress Series features local writers, who showcase poems about self love! To start the series, founder, singer, writer, Angelica Caporuscio, put together a series of essential oils she lives by to keep her destressed, calm, clearheaded, and mindful of taking care of her mental health. After the series close of YOU.Are.Loved.Docuseries. on Youtube, she decided to donate a portion of every bottle to To Write Love on Her Arms. As she was filming the series, there were many moments, she was unaware at just how bad she was feeling inside and how many people truly could not see how her emotional state was starting to truly affect her work. She made a pact with herself to create 12 episodes, unsure of what the series would truly be about, but had a vision to help open the conversation as the in's and out's of self destructive mindset and how deeply depression can affect us. As she was closing the series, she made the decision to move to LA and pursue her dreams of becoming a world famous actress, movie star, skincare and cosmetics mogul, along with singing and songwriting and living out her passion of being in love and finding her true inner voice.

The easiest thing she ever did. Pick up and move to LA to become who she wanted. She left behind devastation, despair, heartbreak, loneliness, and defeat only to find that her true inner voice has been taken. Some solitary man had come and confused her mind into thinking she was never going to make it. She would never amount to anything and she would never become who she wanted without the help of someone else by her side, ready to tear her down into oblivion and into a mental space so low, she never thought she would escape.

As the episodes continued, she found herself lost. Wondering what to talk about as the emotional comedy in her mind never really felt like her own voice and sharing those thoughts and feelings felt like she was victimizing her own life. Her own circumstances. Her own chance at success, that everything she had always been before the heartbreak and chaos would never come back - her love. Her life, her heartbreak meant everything was a disaster and turned upside down into a world full of fairies and demons.

As she looked past the dragons, fought fire, and drowning in the rivers, she found her one true love.

He was tall, dark, handsome and eyes so bright they could touch the ceiling with how they lit up a room and with that feeling, she knew she had found the soul purpose for the series and that was to come to terms with who she was supposed to be with in her life. As all fairy tales are not always what they seem, we must go through murky waters in order to emerge with a beautiful smile, half beaten, mentally bruised, and emotionally rare, as to look at ourselves and be able to accept our past - or defeats - our emotions - or notions - our lies - or our lives - is to say that we are wholey and fully us. And when we decided to take our life from this chaotic state that overwhelm instills on us, we say "I am worth it" and that's what Princess in Destress is about. You.ARE.LOVED.