A Private Equity Firm offered to buy us recently. Here's what happened

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A Private Equity Firm offered to buy us recently. Here's what happened

Most new companies, especially one like us that's less than a year old, would jump at the opportunity to sell their business and go on to live the life of "the rich and famous". 

It was definitely a surprise when the email landed in our inbox saying that a Private Equity firm wanted to speak to us about purchasing our company or invest. 

Investment is typically a good thing, especially when you're a small, self funded company that has made something out of nothing in less than a year. 

As I got excited about it, selling Veíse this early on gave me a nauseous feeling. Of course I texted my closest friends and was like "holy sh*t" can you believe this email I just got?!"

Most of my friends were excited, while a few started asking me the hard questions - which mainly entailed "if I actually wanted to sell Veíse yet." The more I thought about it, the more nauseous I got. 

We're so young. I have so many things left with Veíse that I want to do, and feel like we haven't even started reaching our potential yet and really enhancing peoples lives. 

Now investment would be nice! We could do all these crazy creative ideas that I have, cool marketing campaigns, pop up stores, live videos, innovative products. 

But at what cost? 

It happens a lot in industries where companies bring on investors or sell to another company, and the mission behind the company disappears or they boot the person who initially created the vision. 

That idea was terrifying to me. The idea that someone could purchase this company and not really care about enhancing women's lives - not just from a physical beauty perspective, but from a mental aspect as well.

I started digging and doing more research into the firm that had approached us and realized that there was not ONE woman on their board of directors, nor mentioned on their team on their website. 

So although, Private Equity firms wanting to throw money at us seemed like a good idea for a moment, I politely declined a phone call and told them that we choose to only work with other companies that embrace diversity, and specifically have women in leadership roles within their organization. 

Our mission is to empower women and create more strong, female leaders within the United States. 

How could we possibly stay true to our core beliefs if we worked with an investment firm that didn't hold those same beliefs or have women in leadership roles?

We can't.

Feminism isn't always about protests, and picket signs and cute quotes on Instagram. Sometimes feminism is choosing to spend your money with female owned businesses, giving women equal opportunities as men, or working with organizations who choose to embrace diversity within their leadership.

We can all do our part, and no matter how much money someone wants to give us, if there aren't women in leadership roles within that organization, they don't fit into our mission statement. 

And that's something we will always stand by. 

Be true to yourself and your beliefs. 

You're worth it. 


CEO/ Executive Glow Ninja

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  • Allison @wanderingboness

    YOU ARE AMAZING! So proud of you for sticking to your guts & vision – as a small business owner myself I can 100% relate to this. I’ve come to rely on my Veise beauty products and I would be so so sad if someone new took over & booted the original vision, or even changed the recipes of the products, as I know this happens. So happy you spoke out about this as well! You’re truly an inspiration. xox

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